Paper T-Shirt Giftbox Tutorial – How To // DIY

T-Shirt Box



  • 1 stack of Scrap Book Paper
  • 1 Paper Cutter or Pair of scissors
  • 1 Glue Gun







Step 1: Divide paper into 3 sections

  • Cut a squared piece of paper into 3 sections.
    • Create the first half by cutting the paper down the middle.
    • Create the last 2 sections by cutting the second half of the paper down the middle.


Step 2: Make the T-shirt.

1) Make a crease in the middle of the first strip of paper by folding it hot dog style.

2) Unfold the paper,  fold the paper in hot dog style towards the crease. Do this for both sides.

3) Unfold the piece of paper with the white part facing up.

4) Fold the corners into the newly created crease. Do this for both sides.

5) Fold the flaps down, to create this shape:

6) Keep the flaps down. Gentle open up the top like so:

7) Open the flaps until you can create a white triangle. Do this for both sides.


8) Fold the top down with the crease right above the white triangles. The sleeves of the shirt will also be created.


9) It will look a little like this:


10) To make the collar of the shirt, Turn the paper over.

11) Fold a small strip around 1-2 cm back. It will look something like this:

12) Turn the paper over again. This time, we are going to fold the corners in. Do so for both sides of the shirt. this will create the collar of the shirt.

13) It will look something like this:

14) This step is a bit complex. Gently take the sleeves part of the shirt and fold up. Make sure there isn’t any bubbles or bumps at thee bottom.

15) Once you have a comfortable crease, tuck the body of the shirt under the collar. Press down to secure the crease. If you don’t want the shirt to unfold. You can also secure it with gluegun.

After everything is prepared, it should look a little bit like this:

Step 3: Create the box.

15) Creating the box is pretty straight forward. to match the width of the shirt though, make sure you follow these steps. Use the second piece of the 3 papers to create the box.

16) Fold the paper in the middle to hide the white sides Do this for both sides.

17) Fold diagonally as well to create a diagonal crease. Also do this for both sides.

18) Fold the paper into the middle crease. Do this for all four sides. until you create these creases

19) to create the width of the box, gently fold the diagonal sides in.

20) Secure the sides by putting a tear drop sized glue on each flap.

21) At the end, it should look a little something like this:

Step 6: Glue the Shirt onto the box.

22) Put a small amount of glue on the edge of the paper box. It would be better to use the thicker side of the box.

23) Place the shirt on the glue. Make sure the shirt is at an angle, and it is flush the bottom.

 Step 5: Create the lid.

24) Fold and cut the 3rd piece of paper in half.

25) Glue the 3rd piece of paper in the opposite side of where the shirt is glued.  Make sure the coloured side of the paper is facing out.

26)After you put your gift inside the box, cut a strip of glitter tape and tape it to the back of the shirt.

27)The final result will look a little but like this:

Final Result

And that’s it! Ain’t it just fab? You created your own t-shirt giftbox for father’s day! That makes you that much more awesome! If you like what you see, be sure to leave a like and share this with your friends!

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