7 Life Hacks for Normal Single Girls on Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming up and I’m once again single. As most of you can relate, I am at that age where everyone around me are either taken or already married. To make matters worse, I recently broke up with my boyfriend again, so I’m not exactly the happiest girl out there.  You know what though? My future is important to me, and even though my love life seems like it ain’t happening at the moment, I’m not going to let any loneliness or lack of partner be a reason for me to become sad or depressed. As Regina Brett quotes,




So I’ve compiled a list of things that helped me get through the loneliness on Valentines Day. Hopefully what I’ve done can help you too.

1) Compare yourself but Upgrade Yourself.

I’m not going to say don’t compare, because it is human nature to do so. So use your explosive competitive spirit to actively upgrade yourself.  What I mean is, if there’s an area you think you can improve, put action into doing it.  For example, I want to write an article everyday. So I will download an app that reminds me too write and upload a topic everyday.  Doing this will make you more productive, and you will be happier because you accomplished something.

2) Do Something that Makes You Happy!

It doesn’t have to be a big project. Start a simple DIY project that makes you happy. If making flowers make you relief stress, do it.  If making mittens make you happy, do it! It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Just do what makes you happy. Not only will you be productive, you will feel better that you finally accomplish that projects you wanted to do ages ago.

3) Pamper Yourself

Do something to reward yourself! If you are a hardworking woman like me, you have been neglecting yourself in order to help others. Well, today is the day to focus on you. Paint your nails a new colour, get a new haircut, or go to the spa. This will boost your confidence to a new degree.

4) Join a Fitness Cardio Class

Not only will you look better because you are exercising, you can also be motivated by to all the other attractive ladies who are also single on valentines day.  So when all your taken friends are stuffing calories down their throats, you can feel hot and meet other single ladies you can complain to.

5) Lift Heavy Metal Objects

This relates to the point above, but instead of meeting single ladies, you can meet gorgeous guys who are also single! Hey you never know, you might meet that special someone here today

6) Go Volunteer

Yeah, of course you can go to a bar to meet people. Would you find a quality mate though? Call me traditional all you want, but I would rather find a mature guy to settle down.  Heartbreaks really stinks and you know this too.  So go volunteer! You will be doing something rewarding and meet people who are as kind hearted as you.

7) Sleep In

Instead of braving the long lineups at a restaurant, sleep in and get that beautiful skin you always wanted the natural way.

So there you are! 7 life hacks for you to enjoy. What did you think about this post? Comment, share and subscribe below.


Always with love,