Paper T-Shirt Giftbox Tutorial – How To // DIY

T-Shirt Box

Father’s Day is coming up! Why not make something that can store your amazing gifts for him? This cute little T-shirt box can hold little trinkets for you. It can also be used for wedding flavours for bachelor parties!

Vintage Pink Polkadot Rose Bouquet Tutorial – How To // DIY

Pink Polka dot Bouquet

Does your special girl have a polka dot fetish? Instead of spending money to buy fresh flowers, why not try to make flowers for her this year?
This bouquet is also great for Weddings, Valentines Day, birthdays, or whenever you want to make something for that special someone.

7 Life Hacks for Normal Single Girls on Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming up and I’m once again single. As most of you can relate, I am at that age where everyone around me are either taken or already married. To make matters worse, I recently broke up with my boyfriend again, so I’m not exactly the happiest girl out there.  You know what though? My future is important to me, and …